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Virtual stores are a business model that’s more than “trending” today. They allow enterprises to globalize and take their services around the world.

It once used to require learning a complicated programming language to develop a virtual store. At present, this is not the case. CMS systems allow you to create web pages without even knowing how to program.

As you can see, you can create your virtual store without knowing a single programming code. These platforms use templates with designs offering seamless handling, and they’re friendly with the user. The most notorious is Shopify, which provides many tools and advantages, such as a trial version.

The 90-day test system allowed you to use the platform and build your page and get your domain. With it, people were able to know you through your store domain and purchase from you. Another advantage of the test system is its tools, such as payment processors, which allow you to speed up and globalize your operations.

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The Truth About Shopify’s Free Trial

Shopify initially offered a 90-day trial service on the web. Unfortunately, the service is no longer available at this time, as it was only for the launch period. During the first days of the platform, the directive launched this offer with all available tools.

It’s terrible news for some, but we still have the 14-day trial promotion.

The 14-day trial version allows you to develop a website for free and test the tools for 14 days. The platform provides identical support as if you had paid the full subscription. Another benefit is that it gives you all the available templates to build the website to your liking.

Third-party elements or software are also present, like payment processors. You will have Magento and Woocommerce tools, as well as Paypal, Stripe and Jetpack. You will also be able to configure your social networks for more significant affect and attractiveness.

How Does This Free Trial Work?

To access this test system, you need to enter the Shopify web address and access the site. Here, you can find all available options and services plus a free trial link. Click on the option and fill in all the information requested, such as your email and a password.

It is important to emphasize two things; first, you must be very careful when placing the email. When the registration finishes, the system asks for a confirmation that it will send to the address. The other factor is the password; try to choose among passwords that are difficult to guess, for they will be your business’ protection.

When you confirm your email, you will be able to access the system and start creating your web page. You get to configure your available tools and payment processors, as well as design communication systems for your clients and team.

As a security measure, start the registration process from the main website. Many cyber attacks can be carried out from external sites such as blogs. The first kind is known as Poison Sites, which take you to a similar-looking place, steal your information and use it to their convenience.

Another common scam is to offer fake trial versions like the longer 60- and 90-day trials. It’s common for them to ask you for information such as card numbers and security codes to register them. Instead, they charge you a considerable amount of money for a non-existent service.

Always search for the provider’s site, either by their web address or by a trusted search engine such as Google. It is essential to avoid finding strange or dubious places because they are mostly scams for dummies.

Features Inside The Shopify Trial

Shopify is a system for designing web platforms through templates. The templates are sorted by themes, depending on the type of page you want to create. You will be able to create virtual shops, personal blogs and distribution systems for referrals or affiliates.

The design system is automated, and Shopify’s own, the themes are the company’s private and not third parties. The programs or plugins are varied, include both their individual and third parties, and you can associate them directly to your page.

Apart from web design, it contains additional tools for effective e-commerce. You can use a statistics system to see the people accessing your site and measure popularity. Another tool is email marketing for promoting the page, your products and services.

Now let’s detail the most outstanding qualities of Shopify’s services so that you know what you get.

Clean and customizable store

You can create bright, clean and editable sites at any time. Shopify has a virtual desktop, where you can edit every aspect of your website. You can add all your product and service information with each feature.

You can turn your website into a virtual store, where your clients can order products. You can sort them by categories or relevance and show them in different ways. You can add features and promotions on products such as discounts or special offers.

You can also list several versions of the same product. An example is shoes; you can have variety in both colors and sizes available to the public. Attributes add variation, and variation increases customer satisfaction and conversion.

In the store, you can also promote your offers, so that the public can access them easily. The first is with Sliders at the top of the website, showing the suggestions you have available in each category. Another tool is the Webinars that you can develop from your desktop and send to customer emails.

Another essential feature for your virtual store is the option for contact and subscription. Communication with the customer gives more confidence, so you can set up an online live chat; they’re the most efficient customer support method today. Subscriptions are essential to promote and increase the productivity of your virtual store.

Shopify, allows us to create and promote our products, and it offers you many options for making your sales as comfortable as possible. The company offers you multiple payment platforms that will enable the most exceptional ease for the customer. You can find payment processors such as Paypal, Stripe, Payoneer, among others.

Shopify also has some plugins for bank transactions in several countries. If you have an account in these banks, you can configure them to make debit or credit card payments to your account.

With Shopify, you can set up any aspect of your online store. You can edit it whenever you want and set the conditions and promotions depending on your current situation.

Listing products

You can create a list of products for your store and organize them the way you want. To create the list, you can use different tools: it has categories, tags and attributes. Each element allows you to create separate lists with various functionalities on the website.

First, let’s talk about the categories and how they help us to classify the products.

They are product classifications, and they can range from general to particular. Groupings seek to separate products by types and can have different levels and ramifications.

The first level is the most elementary, such as product brand or type; an example would be grouping shoes. From this category, multiple categories can be derived, such as brand or usability. A shoe can come from different brands, but you can also sort by sports: basketball, football, tennis, among others.

The categories are used by the virtual store to sort the products and list them in the most orderly way. The list of products allows the customer to find their target in the shortest possible time. Another quality is that it gives attractive visual characteristics to the website and provokes impulse purchases from customers.

Attributes are other essential distinguishing elements for you to configure in the product list. With the characteristics, you set the different types of variance that a product can have. You can create different approaches to differentiation, with various levels of attributes within the article.

With the variance, you can set different prices in the same product class depending on the chosen attributes. The variance allows publishing several products in only one with several options: they can have different sizes, shapes, colors, and styles for a same product.

Labels are another relevant classification icon for list and product distinction. Tags are used for product search by customers. You can relate products and categories to certain keywords; users will see the products after they enter the words on the search bar.

Analytics Access

The statistics and visualization of a web page is among the most critical data. Knowing how many people visit your website daily allows you to understand your range of influence and marketing efficiency. Shopify contains many tools to determine how many people visit each section.

Statistics work in different ways and for different purposes. The first level is that it allows you to determine the number of people who access each section of the website. It enables you to assess your customers’ tastes and content preferences.

If you wish to go more in-depth, you have the statistics regarding visits to publications and products. The access statistics allow you to know the marketing preferences. You can judge which sections perform better and which do worse, and it enables you to study possible changes.

The tools are varied; by default, the system on the desktop has numbers. However, there are more tools with the more exceptional luxuries of details and additional graphics for higher visualization power. One of the preferred means is Jetpack; this plugin contains a pack of tools, making analytics much easier to read.

The tools add cookies and invisible codes to the client that record how many times they access a page. Other devices add these codes to improve the SEO of the website. Google takes it into account for positioning the popularity of the site and its accessibility.

The SEO is an essential part of positioning your page for free in search engines. People sometimes pay companies for ads to place  them first, but the best way is to ensure your website offers the optimal experience for your users; it’s free, and it increases your popularity.

The statistics of the site let you observe the performance of the page to improve its performance. You can use it to improve positioning for your website or to develop marketing strategies and improve productivity. The statistics visualize your current status so you can reach the goal you want to achieve.

Blog access

For bloggers, a large number of readers is essential. The degree of influence of a blog dictates the amount of revenue for the site. Blog influencers seek to help people and receive income from sponsors who use the site for advertising.

Access to a blog lets you generate interesting content and increase your site’s usefulness. The blog is necessary for any page as an advertising tool that attracts more public. The topics must relate to the theme of the page and show how to solve a problem or situation.

Blogs often link to the products and services provided by the virtual store. An example is the makeup and lip care shop: in the blog section, you can post articles that show how to care for your lips using the products you sell.

It is also essential that your blog can receive comments from users and be able to respond to them. You should always look to enhance customer interaction.

Shopify contains tools to manage blogs; you can edit content and analyze readability. The author shows in each article, and you can record comments, look and respond to them. The Shopify system also allows users to subscribe to your blog.

The blog subscription allows you to notify people about promotions or new topics or publications of interest. It is essential to have this option active to improve our area of influence and massify our message.

The Shopify interface allows you to manage every aspect of the blog, from publishing to monitoring. You can access the blog, view published articles, registered subscribers and export their data. You can add tags to point out or filter promotions according to preferences.

If you are going to set up a page with a blog, Shopify gives you all the digital tools. Blogs are a seamless method for improving your branding. You can give character and personality to your store while you help users and benefit from content marketing.


Shopify is a spectacular tool that allows you to create the web platform of your dreams. The platform gives you access to various tools to have the functions you want on the site. The platform is available as a trial version on its website, and you should only access it from the official site.

As stated earlier, many risks can lead to losses on the internet. Scams are universal, whether it’s malware, phishing or a fake site. Keep yourself from going through a painful time and access from the website; you will have 100% security that you will not lose.

It is also important to beware of advertisements on social networks; not everything is as it seems. Anyone can create an ad on social networks, either Facebook or Instagram. Naive users skim through the content, and scammers know this and take a lot of money from others.

It is a typical attack with identity usurpation, one person pretends to be another and takes out information or money.

In short, there are many dangers on the web, that can deceive you. To avoid this, do the whole process from the official Shopify website.

If you want a website, the best option is Shopify, so go to the site and create your trial account. Design the website you wish and invest in your future; innovate so that you can progress and transcend.

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