Shopify 60 Day Trial – Everything You Should Know

Shopify, one of the biggest eCommerce platforms out there, makes it easy for you to create an e-commerce website or online store. You can get started selling products online in as little as a day. Designed to make website building an easy affair, it is one of the more accessible platform to go with.

With minimal knowledge about computers, you can create an efficient, advanced and appealing store.

Plus, you get the chance to customize your store with more than 100 templates already available. Just use your domain with Shopify or buy one from it. Or, post a blog on your website to build engagement.

With more than 1000 payment getaways to accept payments from, and Search Engine Optimization tools to get more traffic in your store, doing business is easier than ever.

With all that’s on offer, you might feel tempted to give it a try through a free trial offer. Maybe a 60 day free trial offer.

However, does Shopify offer one?

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The Truth About the Shopify Free Trial

When you are looking for the right platform where you can build your business Shopify will be on the top of your list, and you will want to get a Shopify Free Trial.

And like many other people you will be looking for the most extended free trial offer you can find available.

There are rumours and offers about a 60 day, two months, a Shopify free trial with unlimited and unrestricted usage.

The truth behind these rumours is that a Shopify 60 day trial is not available and it doesn’t exist. At some point, it might have been possible by invite only. If you were around Shopify launch time, you might have got hold of it. Today, you cannot.

Most of the times, these 60 or 120 days free trials are mostly a scam and there is a hacker on the other side. They use offers like this to lure more victims in and stole their information.

If you are still looking for trying Shopify for a while before any purchase or subscriptions we have good news for you: There are 14 days free trial on Shopify.

How To Get Your Shopify Free Trial

To get your Shopify free trial, it will only take two minutes and providing some necessary information to create an account.

To start, you need to head over the official Shopify website. Next, you will need to click the free trial button and enter some personal details to create your store’s account. You don’t need to add a lot just your email address, your chosen password and the name of your store.

Once you are done entering all the information, you can click on “create your store”. Now you will need to fill some questionnaire which will help Shopify to automate the settings of your store.

And now you are finished. You will be already enjoying and part of a free trial and the 14 days will start to countdown.

With the free trial, you will be allowed to take a look around the platform. Use the tools to create your store and then use and play with all the functionality the eCommerce platform has to offer.

Don’t forget to take note of your login details such as your email and password because that is the key to your store.

Every time you log in your store, you will be welcome by your storage building and managing interface. Here is where you will make any additions, changes, edits or upgrades to your store.

Keep in mind that after you sign up your very first time logging in, you will be welcomed into the general settings tab. And you will need to add some more information. Here is where you are going to add your payment information so you can start taking payments.

You will not be charged until your 14 days are over.

Working with Shopify is easy and straightforward without complicated situations or interfaces. The left-hand side of it will provide you with a quick access panel where you will see all the Shopify Tools you might need.

Once you are done establishing your general store settings, you will find a first store set up waiting for you automatically and by default.

All the information you provide in your general setting is taken to populate the right areas of your store on your behalf. This way, you won’t have to do things twice. Moreover, the name of your store and tagline will be placed automatically in the header of your store.

From this point forward, it’s up to you how you create and customize your store. With just a few clicks, you can install free themes on your store and give it a consistent style.

You have the option to leave it like you see or open the page building function to edit and customize the theme how you like it.

By then you should be ready to launch your store and Shopify will ask you upon launch if you want to sign up for a paid plan that will begin after the 14 day trial period is over.

You can close this box and continue using Shopify like this, but you won’t be able to take any orders, or you can place your information and start running your working online store immediately.

What Do You Get With The Free Trial?

Shopify free trial comes with the use of all the features and functionality just as if you were using it with a paid plan already.

Once again, Shopify is an award-winning eCommerce platform that provides every tool you need to build manage and scale an online store.

With Shopify, you get access to everything in one place, so you don’t need to use multiple platforms to get the work done.

With Shopify, you can develop a unique and professional store, accept payments from customers, order fulfilment, manage stock and send an order confirmation email and receipts automatically.

You will also be allowed to leverage data and analytics, provide discounts, promotions and offers to your customers and a lot more.

If there is something or a tool that Shopify doesn’t have already, chances are you use a simple add-on to get it on your store.

You find hundreds of free add-ons to add to your store without issues.

Also, Shopify has integrations with payment processors like Paypal and Stripe and email marketing services like Aweber and MailChimp to make your transition better and smoother.

Inside the 14 day trial, you will get the following features:

Easy store design

One of the best things about Shopify is how easy it is on get it running and fully working.

The building tools provide the ability to create professional and modern stores without hard work and long nights with no sleep.

You can have your store done and ready in one hour.

You are also able to customize your store just how you want it to be. This is not only visually but also how it reacts and works with your customers when it is used. This means you manipulate your customer experience.

This way, you can guarantee customer satisfaction and ease of use, which will lead you to better conversions and sales at the end of the day.

Regarding the layout and style of your store, Shopify gives you access to its library with hundreds of templates to install and use. The themes come with all the elements that will provide you with a user-friendly design across every last page of your store.

Whether it is the homepage or individual product pages, it will provide you with exciting variants to try out. And if you don’t like it, you can always change it.

Every single change you make to your theme can be done quickly and effectively through the store builder. There is no need to touch any coding.

You can even go straight into a theme with conversions in mind. There are themes with conversion-boosting applications included. These applications will give you more sales on your store from the start.

Shopify is the most comfortable and most effective platform to build an online store. All the options and the endless possibilities to create the most professional and sleek looking online store are right there for you to take full advantage.

Adding products

With Shopify, it has never been easier to create products, product pages or even product collections. It is effortless.

You only need to start adding and editing products with just clicking the product tab in the left-hand panel right there on your Admin Interface.

You will see the screen where you can upload all your products and there you will be able to manage them completely. You can add new products or edit the current ones. You can even do it one at a time or by groups.

And by creating collections, you can manage and sell your products in the simplest way possible.

To add a product, all you need to do is click on the “Add new product” button on your screen. Once you click on it, you will be able to start adding the products name, the description and overview and the images you like. After you finish, you only have to click save, and then your products will become accessible when accessed via its URL.

Once that is done, you have lesser things to worry about.

If you want to start Dropshipping to sell online, you can install a free app that can do all the above for you. Quick and easy. You can import all the product from another online site and get them all upload in your store without issues — just a few clicks.

Everything will be copied, from the stock counts and product names to the images and prices. From here, your only job will be editing whatever you want on them like the prices or descriptions. The best thing about it is that all the information is updated in real-time.

This add-on is called Oberly, and it is the official Shopify dropshipping partner. Using it, you will have the perfect starting place for all the products.

There are many reasons why Shopify is so appealing. In every step of the way, Shopify is saving you time and effort and at the same time delivering the best outcomes possible.

As we said before in this article if there is something you think Shopify cannot do, look for a free add-on. You will have it without having to pay more to another platform.

Dropshipping is a great way to start selling when you are not sure if you want to start or set up a general store or a niche-based store or what products to market. This way, you will get started in no time with the best results.

Shopify is the perfect place to start any time of a selling business without endless hours wasting in things that can be done in seconds.

Useful analysis and data

Shopify collects data from events and activities all over your store by default. This data can be beneficial and help you get an inside look at how your store is working for your customers. It will even help you understand your customers better and make better decisions to improve your system.

There is an interface you can access to see who your customers are and what products they are interested in. You can even check how they found out about your store and what pages the check when they are on it.

All of that data is collected together into a clear Dashboard that you can break down even further, change the timescale or compare periods if you want. This is available for every Shopify Store Owner, and of course, it is included in the free trial.

The best thing about the dashboard is that they are always live, so you can see in real-time what is happening in your store.

You can check your traffic stats, sales en revenue summaries, the ages of your customers, demographics and more, actions they take on your store. You can check the type of device customer’s use, referral information, carts and sales lost, social media campaign results and a lot more.

There is a tone of data that you can see and analyze thanks to this dashboard.

With this, you are getting more understanding of what your niche is and who your niche is. Also, if you start to understand your customers better, you can use all that information to improve your store, your product selection and even your marketing approach.

This analysis can dramatically improve all the results from your store. With these tools, Shopify makes it easy to know what is wanted, by whom, why and when.

The importance behind this type of tool relies on the success you want to acquire with your sore and where you want to get with it.

All this data that is shown to you is for you to use and improved all those mistakes that you can be made without even noticing. It is quite hard to get in touch with little details when you are only looking at the big picture. You have to get close and closer to check precisely what is going on why you are losing customers or why some products are more popular than others. With Shopify, you can do all that and more. It is created to help you have the best efficient store you can, and it does provide you with all the tools you might need to make that happen.

Creating content

Shopify is an advanced platform created to give you the best space possible to grow your business from scratch. It has an entire blogging platform for store owners that are also included in the free trial.

This option allows you to publish articles and posts with Search Engine Optimization approaches just like you would do on platforms like WordPress.

This is the best way to improve your traffic and attract your customer using a popular search engine to find leads. The best thing about utilizing SEO techniques to get better conversions is that all the traffic that you get is free and organic.

The blogging platform transforms your store to a rounded website. It makes it trusted and respectable because you are not only selling and throwing products in the air. You are creating a space of learning too.

With Shopify’s comprehensive blogging platform, you will have all the tools you will need to rank in search engines. Shopify lets you edit and optimize the Meta-Data for Search Engine Optimization purposes.

Blogging is often seen as a waste of time, but it is a compelling marketing strategy to get more leads and converts them into customers. You can write articles and posts about the products you sell or crate highlight the best products you have on stock. There you can place links to your product pages and this why your customers will be more interested when they visit those pages.

We have to remember that when it comes to content and blogs on your store Search Engine Optimization is the key to get more traffic to your site. It increases the interactivity between your store and your customers. It is based on specific keywords that will take your store to the top of the search engine page and be the first one to be seen.

The goal behind SEO is to establish a strong foundation for your website with a clean and productive user experience. Your website will be easily discoverable in any search engine thanks to the credibility of the brand.

If you start to incorporate SEO techniques on your posts and your store, you will have a better user experience. Every store owner wants better rankings and the best way to get that is the organic way. With SEO, this means the optimal user experience.

When someone is searching something through Google is because they want to find something the fastest way possible. If they are looking for what you are offering, the best option for you is to be on the top of the list, above from your competition.

With Shopify content tools and blogging platform, this is easy to achieve. You will be getting more traffic and not only that but the right type of traffic.

Closing Thoughts

Shopify’s free trial is an excellent opportunity to test out one of the best platforms out there to sell products online. During your 14-day trial, you will have complete access to the platform just like any other store owner on it. All the feature we mentioned above will be ready for you to use and test. The best part is that once your 14-day trial is over, you won’t lose any of your hard work when you convert to a subscription or paid plan.

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