The Reason Behind Shopify Failures

Shopify has become a recognized platform, as it has more than 800 thousand companies that have embarked on this platform, in addition to having around 1 million active users.

Currently, the popularity of online stores does not stop growing since this type of business has become an opportunity that many users take to achieve a stable source of income.

Shopify has many useful tools, such as its new option called Shopify Plus, thanks to this platform, companies with large volumes of international business can obtain the same support.

The ease of using the benefits offered by this platform is what makes users want to subscribe to this software.

The Top Reasons Why Many Shopify Stores Fail 

Currently, there is an excellent competition and demand regarding the world of commerce and marketing, but that is not the reason why many companies fail.

The main reason for this failure is to think that your company will succeed without much investment, planning, analysis and most importantly, without the right information.

Therefore, here is a list of the main failures that many Shopify stores have:

Doing bad research

One of the most important points when creating your business is to know about what you are going to do. One of the most common mistakes is to start a business from scratch without knowing absolutely nothing.

First, you must decide on which sector you are going to specialize, research on the subject that you are passionate about and know about the marketing strategies that you could implement so that your business is obtaining a remarkable growth in terms of the promotion of the product you want to market.

Entrepreneurship is not easy; you will have to dedicate many hours to your business.

Therefore, before wanting to go the easy way and not catch up with your business, research, plan and look for a niche that excites you.

What can be done to avoid the failure of any business?

In summary, what you can do is carefully investigate the product you want to sell, the marketing strategies that can be implemented towards that product, and in this way, you will obtain optimal results.

Misinformation can be your worst enemy in all aspects, which makes us touch the next point.

Choosing the wrong products

Something you should pay close attention to is the quality of the products, as it is one of the most essential factors in the business world.

In other words, it is the fundamental pillar where everyone else will join. It guarantees customer satisfaction and makes the brand perceptive and different from the rest of the competition.

Therefore, if you have guaranteed the quality and safety of the products, you will have won the success of the company.

What makes quality an influential factor in your business?

Quality offers value to the customer; that is, it aims to exceed customer expectations.

To offer optimal products and services, what you should do is to know the needs of the client, which is what you will consume, but the key here is that from the beginning you have to know about the product.

The main objective is to offer the client some confidence that your business is highly capable of providing products or services that meet their quality requirements.

Not investing enough (or nothing)

We know that electronic commerce is an excellent option to start any business with minimal costs; however, this does not mean that investments will not be needed to obtain satisfactory results.

You can continue to keep operating costs low and tight in e-commerce, but there will be things you must invest in before you start earning profits. Also, some costs will benefit your store and help you scale and get all the benefits that this business model can offer.

Of course, if you manage to invest wisely, you can save a lot of money. The most important thing is to avoid reckless expenses in the future through right decisions at all times.

If you want to grow nationally and internationally, the operation of your current and future commercial structure will require investments.

From the moment you start a business, you must reserve a portion of your income to continue improving any aspect of your business.

It is recommended that, among your motivations, are, in addition to making money, perform as a person, and want to learn new things.

Having new knowledge, and experiences will make you a person much more capable of achieving great things since to grow your business, you need to accompany that capital with a series of actions and achieve success.

Bad design for your store

This platform has advanced customization options, so you don’t need to be an expert to learn about CSS, HTML or other programming languages.

Most of its themes or templates are very attractive, visually speaking, and it gives the illusion that anyone is valid for an eCommerce, regardless of its sector or branding. The truth is that this is a big mistake.

The problems begin when we must adapt the design of our eCommerce brand, which we know is not an easy task. The different themes that Shopify offers look pretty good because their colours, fonts, and other options harmonize with each other.

But at the time of making the modifications to any of the predesigned templates, the more changes are made, the more unsightly the result.

This is because most average Shopify customers are not professional web designers, which is understandable. But if our eCommerce does not offer a professional image for potential customers, we will have very negative conversion rates.

One way to prevent the conversion of our business is ruined is to carefully select the topic and make brief changes, especially for those who are familiar with web design and branding.

Poor advertisement performance

In today’s world, there are so many different strategies to improve a business, and for this reason, it can sometimes be difficult to tell which are going to be useful for you and which are going to be a waste of time. That is why you must perform actions that help you grow.

Companies do not work only thanks to the performance of work with clients. There also has to be a time dedicated to attracting new customers, because it is more than clear that without customers, there is no business.

Waiting in your office for customers to appear will not guarantee you optimal results, so you must dedicate some of your time to marketing and its different strategies so that you can get what you have been looking for.

Sales do not work well because there is no defined process.

When you manage to define your sales process, you can determine all the necessary steps that a potential customer must take to become a real customer.

It is notorious that many companies do not have this. Customers appear and do not know where, therefore each of them is offered a different experience.

What is this about?

It is because there is nothing defined.

It is important to design all necessary sales processes, according to the number of products, services you offer, or according to the characteristics that your customers have.

Lacking a marketing strategy

This has been one of the most essential points; without the implementation of marketing, your business will not reach the top.

Marketing goes beyond just publishing advertisements since it has a complete system of processes that are linked to an action plan to find customers and get them to make purchases.

In most cases, many business owners neglect the importance of the overall marketing strategy.

You have to keep in mind that when promoting or marketing a product, not all customers will buy immediately. It is common for some to take time to think about the right decision; others do not have much time there or want to make sure and do more research.

There is an issue that is also important to address and is the creation of a sales funnel and an email marketing system. This may be one of the most profitable strategies to implement, especially for e-commerce store owners.

Sales funnels and email marketing are primarily aimed at making the customer interested in a particular product.

There are several ways to create an automatic sales funnel. Remember that it is not the same to have an online store to offer services.

It can be very profitable to offer a simple registration form and then provide a series of communications of offers, discounts, and reminders to potentially interested customers.

In addition, it can also be a great way to redirect previous customers who may want to buy back at the store.

All this is very necessary to implement, and the leading brands and e-commerce stores do it.

Issues with fulfilling orders

One of the most common Shopify errors is to offer uncompetitive delivery.

Customers want the delivery of their products to be immediate!

For example, Amazon, Walmart, and other popular marketplaces offer you same-day delivery and even 2-hours delivery. That’s why they are so popular today.

What you have to do is include various shipping options in your eCommerce. Such as:

Contact local carriers to offer at least same-day delivery.

Try to incorporate shipping costs to the final price of the product.

Although shipping and order fulfilment is one of the most challenging things to manage and succeed, it is also one of the most important. There are many problems that may arise due to shipping delays, tracking, keeping customers informed, among other things.

If this process is not defined or followed, or if any part of the process fails, it may cause a delay in the delivery of the product and the risk of dissatisfaction and conflict by the customer.

A widespread mistake is the lack of transparency. Informing customers about possible delays in relevant sections and on product pages offers customers understanding from the beginning and sets their expectations in advance.

One factor that must be very clear is that when fulfilling orders, you must always select the fastest delivery options available to guarantee customers that they can obtain their products at the best possible opportunity.

Bad customer service

According to statistics, there are 80% of buyers who have said that they would not buy again in an establishment if customer service were inferior, regardless of the price, therefore keep in mind that the departure of a customer could affect the sales present with that customer.

The malfunction of your customer service can get you to lose a customer forever.

If what you want is to give a bad image of your company, easy, you just have to neglect the customer service. With this, not only are you likely to lose users, it will make it difficult for you to get new users.

Remember that an angry customer can issue very negative opinions that can quickly spread the lousy experience to his friends, acquaintances, and even thousands of strangers through social networks.

Each contact with the client can give you many benefits and has several functions that could provide you excellent results.

It manages to provide you with handy information to know are errors and the successes of your business.

The problems that arise and the best way to solve them.

Lost customers, bad publicity, among other problems caused by poor customer service, involve a lot of money that escapes your hands.

How Can You Solve All Of It? 

It is likely that with so many things that you have to do every day in your business, you lose your way and that you feel disoriented about what you should do to make your company succeed.

You should not waste time. The idea is to try to devise a plan for deeper work on the strategy for your business. You have to find a balance, set new goals, and find solutions or strategies.

That is what will make the difference between a business that only survives, and another that really thrives improves its figures year after year and obtains optimal results.

But don’t worry, here we explain how to solve those problems.

Previously mentioned some strategies that you can use to solve some mistakes made, such as:

The most important thing before starting your business is to do the necessary research.

You need to have defined everything related to the brand or product you want to market. There are many platforms that guarantee that you do not need to have the knowledge to start from scratch, and that is one of the mistakes that end up leading your store to failure.

Knowing your product is the key to success.

Create a simple sales funnel

Which would consist of placing a form on the web for potential customers. All people who register on this form are sent a discount code that expires after 30 days. What you can do to ensure that users make the purchase and use the code, is to create an automatic email sequence that sends messages without forgetting that the discount will expire.

Make investments wisely

Do not make the classic mistake of spending your entire budget on the web and having a stock of products. A slightly more modest website or a smaller quantity of products is preferable, but with the aim of reserving your budget for your online marketing plan.

A store requires hours each day, both for the management of the business and for serving your customers, preparing future orders, issuing invoices, serving social networks since it is essential to keep your advertising, monitoring, and analysis of results active, among other factors.

Even if you decide to take this path alone, in an online store, you will always need help in different fields.

Good customer service

Offering quality customer service must be for a business rather than a value; it must be a culture practised continuously by all employees of the company.

A kind act towards a client is capable of generating gratitude and loyalty from the client. Therefore, when using an incentive, you are likely to feel grateful enough to support your business.

Address complaints patiently, as studies suggest that most clients who express consistent complaints will be willing to do business with you again while you are able to solve your problem satisfactorily.

Written communication on the internet can lead to interpretations or, failing that, misinterpretations. To avoid such problems, use positive language focused on making the reader feel good.

Do not neglect your customer service, but whenever necessary, take time considering the quality of your service, above the speed.

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