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How are you reaching out to your audience? For many marketers, the challenge remains on connecting to the audience. With an increasing number of e-commerce stores, it’s about standing out today. You need to create a successful online store, and that starts off with using the right platform – like Shopify.

Why Will You Love Shopify?

Shopify is the most popular tool for creating online shops. It helps beginners and more knowledgeable people in hoe to give to their online store an attractive design. With it, you can create an original logo, learn how to label and describe your products, and many other exciting features.

Shopify comes with three different plans and two special ones. Each one comes with their own useful tools. All of them come with a 14-days free trial, so you can have a taste before deciding to pay for a plan. These are:

  • Basic Plan: $29 monthly (view)
  • Standard Plan: 79$ monthly (view)
  • Advanced Plan: $299 monthly (view)
  • Plus Plan: starting from $2000 monthly (view)
  • Lite Plan: $9 monthly (view)

The Basic Plan

This is the best plan in Shopify for beginners. The Basic Plan comes with the basic features and tools to start creating your online store. It’s also the cheapest, so it’s great for those who won’t be using Shopify too often. Here are its features.

1. Online Stores

The online stores are the principal reasons to use Shopify. They are webpages with different pages to show your inventory, to establish terms and policies, contact information, and more.

With Shopify, you can create an online store in a very short time. Shopify comes with a small tutorial at the beginning, and it has an interface easy to use.

With the Basic Plan, you have access to the free templates and webpage designs that Shopify already has. They are very simple to use and to modify as you wish.

If you don’t have time to dedicate in making specific designs, you will find this very useful. You can change the colours of the templates, add the information you want it to show, and put the pictures of the products. Shopify does the rest for you.

When creating an online store, you will also have a blog, where you can keep your customers updated about the new products and sales. You won’t need to be an expert in programming websites because everything is ready for you.

You can also categorize your products by using the “Collections” link. That way, you can have everything in order, and your customers will find faster and easier the product that they want.

2. Zero Limits for Products

Many online stores platforms allow you to display only a few products on your store. It is a way that those platforms have to avoid the overload of information that would make the host’s online webpage slow and heavy.

The usual number of uploads that you can make in these platforms is around 50 products more or less. If you want to be able to upload more products, you are forced to pay an additional fee or move to a pricier plan that may not give you more and better benefits.

By purchasing the Basic Plan of the Shopify platform, you will be able to post as many products as you want, with no limitation. It is an excellent feature for those stores that have many products in their inventory, usually big stores like clothing stores.

3. Staff Accounts

Another great feature that you can have with the Basic Plan is the staff accounts. These are the accounts that you can assign to those who will help you manage your online store.

Using staff accounts, you can delegate the store management work to trustworthy employees, without having to give them complete access of your account. This means that they will be able to upload products, write descriptions, add labels, and more. But they won’t be able to change passwords or payment plans.

The Basic Plan allows you to have up to two staff accounts besides the main account that belongs to you.

It is a handy feature, especially if you are managing a big store and you are also working with dropshipping and ads. You can dedicate your time working on the financial issues while your staff achieve the blog, and even deals with the customers ordering files.

Another great thing about the staff accounts is that they won’t need to use a specific device to access them. They can do it from the office’s pc or their homes. You can even employ someone from another country to work as your store manager.

4. Continous Support

For those who are starting into e-commerce, or even for the experienced ones that wish to have an extra helping hand, the support group is essential. You can have access to Shopify Support agents with the Basic Plan.

Many questions may come to mind when working with online stores, so it is advantageous to have an expert that can guide you through the right path.

You can send your doubts and questions through the Contact Us link, and you will be receiving information shortly of how to proceed to solve those problems. If you enter through the Help link, you can have direct access thought to chat with a Shopify agent.

The Shopify agents can help you with everything related to the Shopify platform, but not with the apps that you may use when working with Shopify. There is not a Support phone number you could call, so you can only contact them through e-mail or chat. Still, the agents are beneficial and know the answer to almost any issue you may have with the platform.

You can have access to Support at any time, every day of the week. For more information, you can check the Shopify University.

5. Sales Channels

When you open an online store, you will want to advertise it so your future customers will know how to find it. That is why you use sales channels. These are pages on different social media like Facebook and Instagram, where you promote your store and the products you have on stock.

To be able to upload and sell your products using social media, you must create an account and make an additional investment. With the Shopify Basic Plan, you already have it for free. You only have to associate your social media account to your Shopify account, and you will be able to start selling through that media.

Shopify grants you free access with five social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Amazon, and Pinterest. Some of these channels may not work in specific countries, so make sure to know which ones are available for you.

Having your products on social media is one of the best ways to attract customers, having the option to buy directly through the social media account or using the links to get to the online store webpage and make the purchase there.

If you want more options on social media, you can search on the other apps inside the Shopify platform.

6. Order Creation

This feature allows you to fill orders manually, in case that your clients wish to make an order of a product that you don’t have in store, make the order in cash without entering on your online store webpage, or if they place the order using the phone.

It is an elemental tool, especially for dropshipping stores, where you don’t own an inventory. Using this tool, you will be able to go through all the process as it were a standard transaction, elaborating the order file on your admin page.

For this feature, it would be better for you to install the Shopify Mobile app. It allows you to take payments from credit cards and cash using your phone. The app works like a credit card reader, making the process a lot easier and giving you more options for payment methods.

If you rather don’t have the app installed, you can always use a default option called Drat Order, which means that the order hasn’t been paid yet. Your customer will receive a mail notification, and the order will be processed as usual.

7. Discount Codes

Another exciting and enjoyable feature is the ability to create discount coupons and codes for your customers to promote your online stores and the new products in your inventory.

Other e-commerce platforms don’t have this option, or it is challenging to achieve correctly. Shopify simplifies the process by creating discount codes that can be rewarded to anyone as a gift for making a specific purchase; or even accessing to you online store for the first time.

It is simple to use the codes: the customers only have to insert them once they are ready to pay, and the Shopify platform automatically does the rest.

You can modify the coupons’ data, like the expiring date, and if you wish to apply the percentage rate or the flat currency rate. The discounts can go for specific collections or products, and even to lower the shipping price.

Sadly, you can’t use multiple codes for one purchase. This means that if the customers have a coupon for a discount on the purchase of a product and another code for shipping discount, they can’t use both of them in the same acquisition. Or if they have discount codes for two different collection products and buy those products in the same lote, they can only use one of the codes.

8. Free SSL certificate

An SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer certificate) guarantees to the website browsers that your website is safe to use. It is crucial to have it, especially when you own an online store.

When a webpage doesn’t have an SSL certificate, the person accessing to that webpage will receive a notification informing that it is not secure to enter. Clients won’t trust their personal information and their credit card information to a store that is not safe.

To obtain an SSL certificate for your online store, you must go through third parties verifiers, called Certificate Authority. You must make contact with browsers and mobile devices manufacturers to get a list of trustworthy certificate sources.

Some of them may be cheap, having to pay only $5 a year to have the certificate updated. Still, it can be a lot for paperwork, and it will slow you down. Shopify gives you the certificate for free, this way you can start promoting your online store as soon as it is ready.

9. Recovering Abandoned Carts:

It is a commonplace to find customers that will fill their shopping cart with products but never make a purchase. There may be many reasons for that, but the truth is that those are lost sales for your store.

This feature is available only if the customers have filled the checkout page with personal information and e-mail. You get access to the e-mails of the customers that abandoned their carts in a very organized chart.

Shopify creates an automatic e-mail for those customers that you can then adapt as you wish. You can then send them a reminder of what they had left, and you can make exciting deals for them if they come back and finish the purchase.

You can also create an exclusive coupon for the customer, or ask why didn’t they completed the purchase of those products. This way, you can attract the client’s attention once more and learn the possible issues why there are abandoned carts in the first place.

The abandoned cart feature works only on the online store, not on the sales channels.

The Standart Plan

As the middle plan, it is more expensive than the Basic Plan. Therefore, it comes with all the benefits of the Basic Plan but with some of the features improved. For example, instead of two staff accounts, you can have up to five staff accounts.

The Standart Plan is more suitable for entrepreneurs that already have some experience with online stores and already have a list of customers. Besides the basic features, it comes with the other two.

1. Gift Cards

You can also get access to creating Gift Cards, which work in a very similar way as the discount code works. These are digital cards that the customers can buy and gift to another person, for a certain amount so that the other person can buy something from your online store.

You can give these cards to frequent customers too so that they can purchase a product in your store for free. That will encourage them to keep buying in your shop.

You can modify them and select the value of the cards, their expiration date and such. The mechanics of the creation of Gift Cards are almost the same as the ones for creating Discount Codes so that you will get used to it in no time.

These Gift Cards can only be used on your online store.

2. Professional Reports

With this feature, you will be able to put in order the essential data that will allow you to study the performance of your online store. You have a few options on how to organize the information, depending on the type of information you wish to evaluate.

With this tool, you will be able to keep track of the sales of a specific product, the weekly or monthly records in sales, or which products are sold more. You can also evaluate your customer income. How many customers view your page in a month, how many are repeat customers, and how many come for the first time.

It is handy to keep your finances in order, preparing the taxes report for whenever you need it. Any administrator would love this feature, and you can also learn how to have everything organized.

The report creator comes with basic report templates that you can select from a specific list. Unfortunately, the Standart Plan doesn’t allow you to customize your reports. To do so, you will need to purchase the Advanced Plan.

The Advanced Plan

This is the last of the standard plans of Shopify, and the difference in price between the other two plans is quite significant. It comes with everything that the Basic Plan and the Standard Plan have, with the accordingly improvements.

You will gain access to fifteen staff accounts, so it is excellent for companies with a succursal in different cities or countries. Also, you get access to the following features.

1. Advanced Reports

As mentioned before, purchasing the Advanced Plan will give you the ability to customize your reports as you want. You can add or eliminate columns on the report templates, and edit the filters depending on the type of data you are filling. It’s an excellent tool to keep everything in order.

Your staff can also access these report files and edit them from their staff accounts so that you can delegate that part of the job to them. They can also create pie charts to show you how your online store is doing, and where does it need improvement.

You can make as many reports as you need, and label them accordingly. That way, you can save them each time you check them. This feature makes the monthly reports a more bearable activity and gives your online store a more professional look.

2. Shipping Rates Calculated

This feature is particularly handy for online stores that commerce all around the world. The shipping rate is something that you must calculate manually with the Basic Plan and Standard Plan, which can be a lot of work.

The shipping rates are different depending on the country you are sending the product. The US shipping rates are not the same as the UK shipping rates. So you must calculate carefully different kinds of rates to be able to know your income’s value.

In the Advanced Plan, you don’t have to do that anymore. Your clients can select the shipping rate that is more convenient for them, taking it from shipping companies like UPS and FedEx. With this information, you only will need to print the label of the chosen shipping company. You won’t even need to have a FedEx account; you can print labels from your Shopify account from the comfiness of your house.

This feature is not as necessary if you have an online dropshipping store, because the manufacturers are the one in charge of the shipping process. But if you the products are yours, you will find that it is very useful, because it makes the operation a lot easier.

Online stores from the US and Canada can benefit a lot more from this feature because the rates are either from Canadian or American carrier offices.

The Plus Plan

The starting price of the Plus Plan, according to some, is of $2000 monthly. This could be true, but Shopify offers a variation of these prices for their customers. You must request a plan first to have access to it.

The Plus Plan is best suited for companies that make deals internationally. It gives access to unlimited staff accounts, which works perfectly for companies that own a succursal in different countries around the globe.

Enterprises that purchase the Plus Plan get access to all the benefits and features of the three plans.

The Lite Plan

The Lite Plan is for those who already have their online store stablished on their social network, but wish to have a formal account on Shopify. This plan does not create an online store but allows you to upload your products on the platform, associating it with your Facebook account, for example.

Your customers can’t buy your products on the Shopify account; they can only purchase through your social media account.

Transaction Fees

Depending on the plan you choose, there is a transaction fee that Shopify will charge you after each sale. The transaction fee for the Basic Plan is 2%, for the Standard Plan is 1%, and for the Advanced Plan is 0.5%. This means that the higher the plan, the rates are lower.

Still, the pricier plans are only beneficial for those online stores that already make a lot of sales to be profitable. It is better that you make your calculations before choosing the Standard or Advanced plans if you are starting your e-commerce store.

If you don’t want to process the payments through Shopify, you can use other processors like credit card processors or Paypal. Take note that these processors will also charge you a fee for each transaction, so you should research before to see what suits you the best.

Final Summary

Whether you are a beginner in e-commerce stores, or you have some experience, the Shopify platform is an excellent and useful tool that you must have. From the creation of your online store to the maintenance of it, Shopify will help you improve and make your store a unique one.

The Basic Plan, at $29 per month, is recommended to those who are starting their very first online store. The free templates are simple to use and modify and will help you create your store very quickly. The Standard Plan, at $79 per month, goes for those with a little more experience.

The Advanced Plan, at $299 per month, is for stores that already make a lot of profit monthly. The Lite Plan, starting at $9 per month, is for those who prefer to commerce using social media platforms, and the Plus Plan, starting at $2.033 per month, is focused for international enterprises.

Choose wisely the best plan for you, and enjoy the benefits and features that your Shopify account can provide.

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