Shopify 60 Day Free Trial: Does This Trial Still Exist?

You don’t know how to set up a Shopify store? You don’t even know how to change themes? How do you even start a business with Shopify then?

Like you, there are thousands of new traders with no prior experience running the hosted platform. For new merchants looking to set up a  store in Shopify, it can be quite daunting to directly sign up for the e-commerce platform.

For that, Shopify offers free trials with and without the possibility of extensions.

The 60-day free trial from Shopify, although offered once, does not exist anymore. Read ahead to know about other longer free trials and why the Shopify 60-day trial was canceled.

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How Does the Shopify Free Trial Work?

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When you sign up for a Shopify free trial, you will be allowed to sail around the store’s website freely. This means you would be able to add products along with images, descriptions, and other details.

You will also be able to use and learn about the Shopify pages that you can’t otherwise access. This would include payment apps, shipping, taxes, and getting acquitted to a possible sales funnel. With the endless number of themes available, you will be able to play around with the customization of your store.

And you can do all that for free. However, you would not be able to make sales during the trial unless you have signed up for a paid plan.

 Signing up for a paid plan does not mean you would have to pay for it. It only opens the Shopify platform fully to the users.

It is worth noting that Shopify’s free trial starts as soon as you sign up for the free trial, not when you start setting up your store.

Canceling the trial is voluntary if you have signed up for a priced plan. Otherwise, your account will be paused and held for 30 days until you pay for a long-term plan. All the progress will also be held.

At the end of the 30 days, if you decide not to pay and go ahead with a plan, your account will simply be canceled.

Shopify 60-Day Trial: History

Being able to use Shopify for 2 months straight, without having to pay for the monthly subscription sounds like the best deal. Before you bask in false hope, let me give you the real picture.

Shopify’s 60-day Free trial does not exist anymore, although it did. Back in 2019, For a short period, Shopify Introduced a special 60-day trial period.

However, there is a limited-time special offer of 3 days with a 90 days extension for a dollar a month. Here’s the longest available trial offered by Shopify right now.

You might wonder, what’s “special” about a trial program that was halted in a few days? Well, the 60-day trial from Shopify was only an invite-only sign-up. The special free trial period was never made public by the e-commerce company.

Why Shopify Offered A 60-Day Free Trial

Shopify only offered this trial to the company’s exclusive partners. These partner companies in turn made the trial available for sign-up only to their private circle of customers.

This short offer of 2 months of free and uninterrupted usage of their platform was not just a fluke. Shopify used this special offer, although briefly, as a marketing and promotional campaign. With the offer through their partners, they attempted to reach out to a wider range of customers.

They tried to lure in local, as well as, niche specific customers. Other than that, Shopify also intended to attract favoring, cash rich audience. However, this 60-day free trial from Shopify was soon shut down and replaced with the d 14-day free trial.

The purpose of this long lasting trial period was quite the same as the shorter one offered currently. It was for the new business to be able to test and get used to the platform, before committing to it.

Because Shopify was targeting a different, much more affluent set of customers this time, they decided to give them a long time to decide.

The target was mostly people who are not in hurry to make money out of their Shopify store, and ones that would like the opportunity to be certain before signing up for the longer paid plans.

Plus, high earning customers did not think much before paying for the paid plans during the trial period.

Win win?

But Alas, it was discontinued.

Shopify admits that they like to change their trial period duration often. This is because changing the durations help them understand and grasp the mind of their users better.

There are promotions and flash advertisements of Shopify’s 60-day free trial still lurking on the internet. Remember to be wary of this clickbait, as the 60-day free trial is not publicly available, and never was.

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How Long Is the Shopify Free Trial In 2023?

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As of the latest update from Shopify, the e-commerce platform’s free trial is a rather lucrative one. Currently, Shopify is offering the old 3-day free trial, with the possibility to extend the trial for 90 days for $1 a month. Possibly the longest duration of free trial that Shopify has offered.

As one of the biggest hosted platforms in the digital space, Shopify has undeniably rooted itself as trustworthy and reliable. Reliability is one of the most important aspects of an e-commerce platform, especially when you are trying to start an online store.

Shopify has been an obvious choice for new businesses as It is self-hosted. This means that Shopify makes it an easy journey for new customers by managing most of the payments, designs, promotions, and so on.

However, trying to enter business with a new platform can be daunting. Hence, Shopify’s free trials are so popular. People love the fact that they can test and understand the platform before they can commit to it.

Is the 3-day free trial worth it?

Many might argue that you are having to pay a minimal amount for the extension. But who is to say the $3 for 3 months is not a fantastic deal? It sure is. You may want to keep in mind that the 3-day + 90 days for $1 trial is only a limited-time special offer.

This trial is perhaps going to be scrapped and replaced with their most popular, and long lasting 14 day free trial. Previously, the 3 day trial replaced the two-week trial at the end of 2022.

I understand that 3 days might be a time too short to comprehend the workings of the platform, let alone setting up the store properly. Shopify understands that too.

Hence, they have granted the possibility of an extension of 3 months, on the other hand, would be the ideal duration to understand and get used to the features of Shopify. If you don’t’ finch to pay a mere 3 dollars for 3 months (which you shouldn’t), you can avail the best use of Shopify features. It should surely be worth it.

While the 3 day trial might continue for a while, here are some of the trial periods that were offered in the past, and might be offered again. Remember, Shopify’s trial duration is ever modifying.

 Shopify 14-day free

Shopify 14 Day Trial Form

The 14-day free trial offered by Shopify is what most would call the default trial offer. It is also considered to be the standard trial offer because it has been the longest standing one.

Unfortunately, the 14 day free trial is not available right now.

As of November 2022, Shopify decided to replace the 14-day default free trial with the 3-day trial that is currently available.

Since Shopify is calling the 3-day trial a limited special offer, I and many others alike are assuming that the 14-day trial would be back again.

Shopify 21-day free trial

No, Shopify does not offer the 21-day free trial. Might we burst a bubble or two here? Shopify’s 21-day free trial never existed.

The 21 days is perhaps the week’s extension after the 14-day trial. Some people have been able to avail of 21 days of the free trial simply by requesting Shopify customer support for a 7 day extension. In total, the trial period was 21 days.

Shopify 30-day free trial

Shopify’s 30-day free trial is history as well. The 30 day trial was offered years ago, with no renewal for a second time.

However, similar to the 21 days of trial, Shopify does grant users the luxury of using the trial version for 30 days upon request.

This would depend on the type of business you are venturing on. Moreover, it might not be possible to get such a long extension without third-party aid.

Shopify 44-day free trial

The 44-day free trial was never offered directly by Shopify, unlike the 3 day or 14-day trials. The 44-day free trial was an unusual marketing ploy if one would like to call it that. This was during a time when Shopify used to offer a 30 day refund policy. Now you can do the math. What 14 days plus 30 days? That’s right. This is the 44-day free trial that you might have come across online on several pages.

The policy from Shopify during the time stated that you would be able to pay through your credit card, after 14 days of the free trial. Once you used the 30 days of the Shopify demo store, you would be able to claim a refund for what you paid.

Due to a higher chance of misuse of the platform, Shopify reneged on all refund policies including this one. Now, there is no 44 day free trial in Shopify.

Shopify 90-day free trial

Shopify 90 day free trial was launched amid the Covid19 outbreak. During that time, small businesses suffered critically and this little support from Shopify was quite well received.

What was so great about this 90 day trial was that new users could get used to the features of the platform without having to use their credit card information. There was no need for a partner account or third-party help.

Shopify 120-day free trial

The 120 day free trial from Shopify is not offered anymore. This was more like an introductory offer, used as a marketing campaign more than anything.

Shorter or longer Duration: Which is better?

3, 14, 44, 60, 90, 120. Shopify’s ever changing course for its free trial period may have someone confused. And with Shopify, you can expect them to revert to any of these free trial periods. After all, old habits die hard.

To decide whether a short period for a free trial is better than a longer period, you would need to understand your priority.

With a shorter period, you would need to be fast. Quite fast.

Setting up a store, adding products, navigating, and customizing all in 3 days could feel like a race against time. Hence, it is best to take on the 90 day extension for just 3 dollars.

A longer period for a free trial is always better. With 2400 apps to explore and myriads of features to experiment with, a longer duration serves the purpose of a trial properly.

From product images to niches. From shipping to payment processes. From customer behavior to SEO marketing and promotion, you can do all that and more if you have a longer trial period. 

Ideally, a 14 day free trial period is considered to be the default time. You do get enough time to get used to the features and have some time to explore the platform. However, 2 weeks only gets you used to a few of the pages of Shopify.

Otherwise, for longer periods the drawback comes with the expense of paying more. But now, the 14 days trial is not available. 

How Do I Get an Extended Free Trial on Shopify?

Many of you are looking to fully evaluate and analyze Shopify. A mere 3-day or even a 14 day trial might be too short to understand the dynamics of the platform. An extension is all but indispensable.

Whichever trial period offer you are using, it is possible to get an extension by contacting Shopify directly. And how do you do it?

You simply have to write a well versed email, explaining to them why you need the extension and how it can make a difference. Remember to reason yourself well but there’s no benefit in writing an essay.

Once you have written the email, send it to support[at]

Now, that’s one way of getting an extension. The 3-day special offer that is being offered currently, facilitates this very extension for 90 days. As you sign up for the free trial, you would be given the option to choose from the basic and starter plan for an extension.

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Can You Sell During Shopify Free Trial?

During your free trial with Shopify, you can do everything from the store setup to creating and customizing themes, and adding products to promotions.

But there’s a catch and it’s a big one.

You can only sell on Shopify during the free trial durations if you have signed up for one of the three priced plans. Focus on the words: Signed up not paid for.

So you are still using the free trial without spending any money!

Surely, you didn’t expect to be selling for free, right?

If you don’t sign up for any of the priced plans as your trial period is going on, your customers would not be able to add products to their cart, despite wanting to. The checkout page will only be unlocked if you have chosen a priced plan.

Don’t worry. You won’t have to pay a penny for signing up for a priced plan. Neither do you have to pay during the trial. 

When you select a price plan, Shopify allows you to make the necessary payment processes. This is generous of Shopify as they allow you to make money on the trial period.

With the sign-up for a price plan done already, you can easily cancel the free trial at any time. You would not have to pay any subscription fee.

How To Sign Up for A Free Shopify Trial & Activate it

Signing up and activating a Shopify free trial is a lot simpler than signing up for the priced plans. There’s no need for any credit card hassle, nor do you have to worry about the locations for delivery.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to sign up and activate a free Shopify trial:

How to sign up for a Free Shopify Trial in 2023:

  1.     First open the Shopify pricing page, where you would get the option of Starting a Free Trial. You can start the sign up by clicking on this option. You would need to add your active email address.
  2.     On the next page, you would come across a few basic questions which you can choose to skip. Answering these can help Shopify suggest and refer better to its sellers. The questions may include,” Are you already selling,” “What is your current revenue” or “which industry will you be operating in”
  3.     In the next step of the signup process, you would need to enter your details. Once you have given all the necessary information, you can click on “Enter my store”.

Voila! You’ve entered your demo store for a free trial.

  1.     At this stage, there are various features that you can start using in the store. For instance, without wasting any time, you could start setting up your store or adding products. Or you could wait to activate the trial to its fullest.

How To Activate The Free Trial

  1.     Once you have entered your demo store by signing up, your trial period starts. So, your store and the free trial are already activated. This is imperative to remember. Your trial period starts from the moment you have signed in to your store. Whether you waste a day to start working on it, does not delay the duration in any way.
  2.     At this stage, particularly for a 3 day trial, an extension is most necessary. For that, you would have to “Select a Plan”
  3.     You will next be faced with 3 price plans to integrate with your free trial. In the monthly category, there is Basic, Shopify, and Shopify Advance. Don’t worry you would not have to pay the full amounts shown under these plans. Here you can choose any of the plans you want. It is best to choose basic as a starter.
  4.     As you check out of this page, you would see that you have been billed $0. At this stage, they would ask you to enter your credit card details to start the plan.

How To Claim and Activate 3 Days + 90 Days For $1/Month Free Trial:

In the current free trial offer given by Shopify, you will be allowed to choose an extension program when you sign up for the 3-day trial. To claim and activate it, follow the steps given:

  •  Once you have been through the basic information pages in the signup process, you will be ready with a Shopify ID. Where you have already chosen your store’s name, and country, and answered a few basic questions.
  • Now you will be taken to the Shopify dashboard. At the top right hand corner of the dashboard, click on “Pick a Plan”
  • Now you will be landed on the pricing page, where there will be 3 options to choose from.
  • In the Free trial sign up, you would need to choose the Basic price plan to activate the 3 monthly trials for a dollar.
  • By clicking on the first of the three price plans, you will be redirected to the Shopify checkout page. Here you will have to enter your credit card details along with your billing address.


Will Shopify charge me after the free trial?

Shopify will not charge you after the free trial. If your free trial ends without you signing up for any paid plan, the account will be canceled after a hold-up period.

You will have to pay the monthly subscription fee at the end of the trial period if you have signed up for one during the trial.

How much does Shopify cost after a free trial?

Shopify will only cost as much as the selected priced plan. You can select either a Basic plan, a Shopify plan, or an Advanced plan. If you don’t sign up for any of these plans during the trial period, you will not incur any cost.

 Is Shopify trial limited?

The Shopify trial is always limited. Shopify offers a different duration for its trial periods which can vary from 3 days to 90 days currently.

Final Thoughts

If you have come this far, you have already grasped that the Shopify 60-day free trial does not exist currently. This trial was never public and was only offered to Shopify’s exclusive partners back in 2019.

Currently, Shopify’s standard 14-day free trial has been superseded with a special limited time offer. In this offer, you get a 3 day free trial with the possibility of claiming 90 days of extension for only a dollar a month.

This would be the longest trial offered by Shopify and you never know when you get it the next time. You can claim this offer too!

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