Is Shopify Legit? Should You Try It?

Is Shopify legit?

Shopify is widely known as one of the safest platforms for online merchants. It has a high reputation in the world of online eCommerce platforms.

Hundreds of people ask questions and get advice on whether Shopify is legitimate.

Proven by facts, the conclusion has been reached that it is legitimate.

This platform is one of the most secure and recommended for eCommerce, and it is used to build virtual stores. Here are a few reasons why Shopify is a completely secure platform.

  • You can release security updates for any store routinely.
  • Your orders will be safe as long as you provide the Order Verification Functionality and Risk Analysis Tools.
  • You can pay a legitimate hacker so you can find Security Loopholes, Issues and Bugs that are on the platform.

Bug bounties

If you perform a successful hack with the purpose that they can execute it on the platform, Shopify grants a kind of personal distinctions or forms of payment for each time this happens.

It is a great thing for you as a fierce shop owner. It means that in chances of possible risk or potential hacking, you can rectify it before it happens, avoiding the possibility that it could affect you in the future.

The White Hat Hackers’ job, for example, is basically to have the initiative to look for and locate weaknesses and then report them.

Bounty program reward range from $500 to $12,500. We have to consider that $180,000 has been paid in this platform started in 2004, so we can certainly see how Shopify is a secure platform.

Fully hosted

A new updated security system automatically protects all stories that are hosted on the Shopify platforms.

It means that when you create a store, this system will protect you immediately. This system is automatic, which means you don’t need to do anything, just occasionally run the updates to protect yourself.

This platform has a unique security system compared to other eCommerce solutions.

The shop owner has to be responsible for installing the new security updates for this platform.

Store owners who have this platform, don’t need to worry about staying on top. All applications are subjected to a severe security test and are automatically updated.

If you see yourself continuously attacked to access your information, the solution is to infect it with a virus. Or in such a case, you can try to hijack the store.

Assessment for order risks and protection features

One of the most expensive and annoying things for any online store is counterfeit orders.

If a customer tries to charge-back you, there will be the possibility of charge-back fees which means that you will lose the cost of the product. Beyond this, you can ban the payment processor from preventing you from making future payments for your customers.

Logically this case is wrong, but they are things that can happen and can take you in an unforeseen way.

It makes it possible by running several verifications of all orders. It only includes these checks:

  • Customer Billing Address Verification.
  • The verification of the payment and checking the credit card.

If the client does not pass these tests, the order will be denied immediately.

Shopify needs to take care of its users

This platform, as mentioned above, is one of the most famous online trading companies. It has a total of more than 500,000 stores, and which generates 1 billion dollars in revenues, making it one of the platforms that generate the most money.

For people who wonder if this platform is legitimate, the answer is simple: a company cannot grow to such an extent and have the number of customers it has if it were illegal. If you don’t help the store owners and don’t solve the security alerts and possible hackers’ risks, you won’t be able to expand to this level.

So, is it legit?

We can conclude that this platform is one of the safest platforms for the construction of virtual stores. But let’s remember what was the question at the beginning of this article.

To answer this simple question, it is necessary to take into account the number of clients who are current users of this platform and the tools that it provides for helping to solve any issue with efficient solutions.

This platform will provide you with the necessary tools so that you can create your functional virtual store.

If you want to test this platform to find out if it gives you results, you can use the trial version of 14 days to know by yourself if this eCommerce solution platform works for you.  You will not have to make any payment to enjoy all the tools. This way, you can start building your virtual store and start making your sales.

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