How to use Dropified with Commerce HQ (2021)

Find out how to use Dropified with Commerce HQ Below!

How to use Dropified with Commerce HQ

Dropified is a well-loved dropshipping automation software that can be the solution to your dropshipping needs. Running a dropshipping business is usually a one-person show. Therefore, some tasks would be tedious if you need to do them manually, such as importing products onto your new store.

Tools like Dropified help you lighten your workload so you can focus on other aspects of growing your business. Commerce HQ is a new drop shipping platform on the block. Here, we will see just how easy it is to use these Dropified to automate product import for Commerce HQ.

Why do people use Dropified?

Dropified is a reliable tool in the dropshipping industry as it has helped many businesses automate their tedious tasks.

  1. Dropified makes importing products and images from AliExpress smooth and seamless. You also get automatic updates on tracking information, which means you don’t have to spend time manually tracking parcel codes and then upload them to your store.
  2. While you get all your customer’s shipping information, Dropified also automatically updates your customers by sending a shipping confirmation email with all your details.
  3. One-click orders save shop owners on significant fulfillment time. One-click orders are when customers click a button, and Dropified settles the rest.

Using Dropified with Commerce HQ

  1. Firstly, head to the product page that you want to upload to your store.
  2. You will see the Dropified icon where you can click, and it opens up a drop-down window with more options.
  3. The drop-down window offers choices to import details like pictures, descriptions, pricing, and more. Here, you can select which images you want to publish and also edit titles, add specifications and prices.
  4. Then, check if you are happy with the details, and then you can begin importing the product to Commerce HQ. The product is now available on your store’s backend. Here, you can still make adjustments to titles and descriptions. Here is also where you can edit prices and other variants.
  5. Next, check if you are happy with your images. Add or delete as you wish, or rearrange pictures in the order you want.
  6. Then, edit the URL to make it as short as possible and click ‘save’.
  7. It is now time to publish your imported products by clicking on ‘Publish.’
  8. Your new product listing is finally uploaded, and you did not even have to lift a finger. Using Dropified with Commerce HQ is truly easy and seamless.


Many dropshippers swear by Dropified, and many people are beginning to make the switch from popular dropshipping platforms like Shopify to Commerce HQ. Therefore, the fact that it is so seamless to integrate these two makes the whole process a whole lot simpler. You will be getting both the wonderful benefits of Dropified and the high converting and functional benefits of Commerce HQ. If you follow the simple steps above, you will have all your products imported onto your new Commerce HQ store in no time.

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