Designrr Review (2021 Edition)

E-commerce has become the new best way to make money today. Businesses that don’t want to stay in the past are now expanding online. We are sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on it. Losing out to your competitors when it comes to gaining customers from online could be a significant loss in the longer run.

The question though is, how do you go about it?

For one, to have a web page and promote it on social networks is not enough. They need to catch the client’s attention and create a list of returning customers. One of the best ways to do this is by using lead magnets.

The lead magnets are exclusive products and services that you offer for free on web pages and blogs. These products can be e-books, discount coupons, exclusive content, among others. They come in exchange for the customer’s email or other personal information.

Once you have this information, you can start a business relationship with these “leads”. You can inform them whenever you publish new content and products that may interest them.

What is Designrr?

Designrr Homepage

Paul Clifford Bannister created Designrr, and it is a software platform that works as a handy tool for creating multiple designs for different kinds of media.

It also allows the user to transform older designs from one media to another, making the process a lot easier by re-using those designs.

Designrr is perfect for people that don’t feel creative enough but have the initiative and enthusiasm to open a business online. It’s intuitive and easy to manage, allowing the users to start attracting clients with their fantastic lead magnets quickly.

This platform is also excellent for creating e-books with any content in less than five minutes.

It allows artistic users to bring back those old ideas that they elaborated for different media and make something new and exciting to offer to their customers.

Transform a youtube video to a pdf file, or a podcast into an entrance for a web blog.

Designrr is compatible with Windows and Mac, so you can use it on your desktops, laptops, and even tablets.

By putting your content on different media, you can attract the interest of another type of audience and expand your business. That way, you will be acquiring more contacts from possible future clients.

Designrr Target Audience

Designrr is a very versatile platform, a tool that can be used for many different media. Therefore, there is a wide range of users that can benefit from it—from online marketers to any media creators: YouTubers, podcasters, course creators.

Even the small businesses that are looking to put their products on the web and have no idea how to create a successful lead magnet will find this tool useful.

There is no need for specialized skills to use it. You don’t need to be familiar with programming web pages. Nevertheless, experts in web media can also find it useful. You can save a lot of time with it when creating new content; you can reuse old material in different media.

It doesn’t matter what type of content you are offering, or the media you’re using to do so. Designrr can make the work much easier and faster.

Designrr: The Good

Importing: To reuse your old content and designs, you would need to import it from the place you have it and in the format of that content.

Designrr allows you to import all kind of archives no matter the format or where you have it. Upload the files from your computer memory card, your cloud or Google Drive. You can import them from your Facebook or YouTube accounts.

Even more, if you have the permissions from the author or creator of specific content that you are using to promote your webpage, you can import that information too!

There are practically no limitations on the variety of formats you can upload by using Designrr. This allows you to use all files and transform them into the format you need.

Free movement editor: Making the webpage of your dreams for your online business means that you will want to put the content in specific parts of the page. That way, they can be the first thing that your customers will see.

But not all designing platforms give you the option to move the elements on your design at will. Luckily, you can enable that option on Designrr; this way, you can edit your web page and move the items around until you find the one that makes you happy.

The option to do this is called “Free Element Dragging”, and you can locate it in the settings menu. Once you activate it, you can start dragging around images or any other content elements you want.

It’s as easy as to click and drag. Experiment with it, try as many designs as you like!

Cover images in 3D: This is an exciting and unexpected feature that you can find on your Designrr account.

By hovering over a project, you will see the option of “3D”. Click on it, and the platform offers you a range of different ways to make your project pop out from your screen.

You can apply this impressive effect on the elements of your webpage that you want to receive more attention. It’s a great option for attracting your client’s eyes on essential things like the lead magnets and eBooks you are promoting.

That way, you can obtain the information you need to expand your client’s list.

This feature comes with different options for graduating the cover style, so your projects can look like 3D hardcover books; you also have the option of giving them a flat-style appearance.

With Designrr, your imagination is limitless!

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Designrr: The Bad

Lack of multi-selection: One of the downsides of the design editor in Designrr is that you can’t select multiple elements during the edition of the page at the same time.

This can make the process a little bit slow for those who would instead choose those elements that they want to eliminate in just one movement.

It can be helpful to avoid eliminating and moving things by mistake, allowing you to look closer to every element you select.

But it also can be a little tedious to repeat the same movement to put everything in the same place or to send various projects and archives to the trash without having to eliminate them one by one.

Not many will find this annoying, but for those who will, they will have to be patient and try not to stress for this.

Only Monthly Plans: Like many other designing platforms, Designrr offers different kinds of monthly plans for their clients.

This can be exciting and affordable for those who could use the software in their daily basics, like web page designers and other online content creators.

If you use the program once or twice a month, the price may be too high. It would be more attractive for new customers and owners of small businesses to pay only for the numbers of days they would use the software.

There are other useful tools with monthly plans that offer at least an annual plan. It helps save money, and the users won’t have to worry about monthly payments for keeping the service.

Working with Designrr

Getting Started

To start working with Designrr is very easy. Once you fill your registration file with your personal information and give your credit card details, you will head to a “successful payment” page.

Then, you will be sent to a basic walkthrough video about how to use Designrr. You still will have to wait to get your login link and credentials, but once you get them, you’ll go directly to your main Designrr dashboard.

You will get a welcome video, that is also a tutorial video, a little deeper into how to use this new tool effectively. Finally, the platform offers you as a new customer the option to have your notifications.

Every time you want to try an item for the first time, you’ll get information about how to use it properly and what can you do with it. You can disable this option.

Now, you’re ready to start.

Project Creation

Your designs in this platform are called Projects. To start, you must click on the top right corner the “Create a New Project” Button.

Once you open it, the page will ask you to import content, so you can have something to start working. It can be something new that you decided to create for this, or something you already had.

You can upload a Word doc, PDF or even an URL. The process may take a few minutes, depending on the size of the archive.

It’s time to move forward and decide on your design style for this project. Designrr has more than 200 different layouts and templates to choose from, from flat designs to cove photos. You can keep them as minimalistic or flashy as you like.

Select one, and you’ll get a summary screen where you can name the project and define the footer URL.

Design Editor

The next step will be to start customizing your selected template as you want it to be. For this, you must enter the Design Editor. Its format is similar to other page builders, so if you have already used one before you will find it easy to use.

There is a sidebar on your screen where you have different tools and elements for the editing process. You have the option to make inline editing, only click on the items you need to edit and do it directly. Use the Designrr covers it has to offer or customize your own.

You can now use all the element you have imported at the beginning of the project. Start editing them directly on the page, add the images you need, and making direct editing on the text of your doc.

It also has themes for making subtle and improving changes to your cover.

Design Publishing

Once your project is ready, it is time to export it. For doing so, you must first publish the design. You can do that by clicking on the “Publish” button. That will lead you to the publishing options.

You can export your project as a PDF, Mobi (Kindle), Epub and HTML. Once you begin exporting, you must wait a few minutes while Desingrr completes the process. Depending on the size of your project, the exporting may take longer.

Be sure that you have an excellent connection to the internet before you start exporting. If your internet is slow or unstable, the process may be interrupted, and you will have to start over with the exporting part.


Transcription is a feature that only the most expensive plans have, and it can be exciting and useful. It is a software inside the Designrr platform: no human-made transcriptions, so it’s swift.

It works with audio and video formats. Once you upload your file, a small screen informs you the time it will take for the transcription to finish.

The result is not perfect, but it saves a lot more time than transcribing the audios by yourself.

The common issues may be grammar-related, missing punctuation symbols, and others.

Once the transcription ends, you can download the text, or you can export it as an SRT file. You then will go back to the previous steps mentioned before, editing your design and eventually exporting the final result.

It’s easy to use and makes the work easier.

Designrr Pricing

Designrr Pricing Plans

As mentioned before, Designrr has four different pricing plans you can choose from, all of them as monthly plans. All the plans come with a 7-day trial, so you can try them before deciding if this is the page building platform for you.

The standard plan comes at $29 monthly. This is the basic plan and doesn’t include the 200 cover layouts. You can only export in PDF. To have those options, you must pay for the PRO plan, which is at $39.

For the transcription features, the Premium plan gives you four transcription hours, and the Business plan gives you eight hours.

The Premium plan stands at $49 a month, and the Business plan at $99 a month. Also, with these two plans, you are allowed to have access to their Facebook page, so you can share experiences and consult with other users.

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Designrr Pros and Cons


  • It’s easy and intuitive to start using, no matter if you have never used a design software
  • There’s a tutorial video and tour notifications to help beginners, and also refresh the professional users on how to use the tools and elements.
  • You can count with a 3D cover creation option for your project. It gives you more than 200 templates and layouts to choose for a faster design style.
  • You have various formats to import and export your project. It counts with a transcription service option to make transcriptions of podcasts and videos easier.
  • You can have live-chat support through the Facebook group; they even work on weekends.


  • It doesn’t count with a multi-select option during the editing process.
  • All of the plans are monthly payments, not too friendly for those who won’t use it as frequently.
  • The transcription option works automatically, so it will have few errors. You still will need to edit or hire someone to do it for you.

Final Verdict

Designrr is an excellent option for everyone that wishes to make attractive lead magnets that will help them expand their client list.

It is a useful tool for the creative and not-so-creative online marketers, media creators and owners of small businesses, easy and straightforward to use even for those with no experience with page builder platforms.

It has multiple options for editing the designs of your projects, creating new content or transforming your old content in any format to a new one.

Take your YouTube tutorial and make it an eBook that your clients can acquire for free, only giving you their emails. See how your client’s list grow!

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