Can You Use Salehoo with Shopify? (2021)

Find out if you can use Salehoo with Shopify or not Below!

Can You Use Salehoo with Shopify?

Running a dropshipping store isn’t a smooth road. Issues can come up at any time, but there are ways to solve most problems.

Today, we’ll look at a platform that can help you greatly in this regard: Salehoo and how you can use it with Shopify.

About Shopify

You probably know (and use) it, so let’s keep it brief.

Shopify is a platform focused on creating and hosting online stores. It has become the most popular solution for aspiring online merchants, with over 600,000 using it right now. Speaking volumes, it has over $55 billion’s worth in merchandise.

It offers an intuitive and seamless way to create online stores, with several apps and themes to customize them.

About Salehoo

Salehoo is a tool connecting eCommerces with suppliers. It’s a website offering lists of different wholesalers and other tools for finding suppliers for your business.

The lists themselves boast thousands of suppliers and liquidators from some of the most important countries around the globe, so it’s often seen as a goldmine for eCommerce entrepreneurs, not just dropshippers.

How do they work together?

I already mentioned it helps solve many issues, but what are these issues?

Quality products

If you want a successful store, you need to offer good quality while still keeping your costs low and high profit margins. Salehoo gives you access to over 8,000 suppliers, and it all adds up to about 1,600,000 different items amongst all suppliers.

That’s a significant advantage over any competitors who aren’t using the platform, and it keeps your store clear from buying knockoffs and poor quality products.


Another great feature from Salehoo is that they guarantee you that they’ve curated all vendors before added them. They filter the bad or untrustworthy ones before adding them to their database, so you can rest assured that you’re only accessing good contacts.

But that’s not all of it; if you have any issues with the supplier or the products, the Salehoo team will take care of sorting things out for you.

Reducing shipping costs

Not only there’s a higher demand from these suppliers, which increases shipping costs, but the current US-China trade issue has made Chinese goods a lot more expensive.

That means that shipping your products to your clients is getting more expensive as these measures become more numerous. You have two options here: selling more expensive products or reduce your profits to offset the shipping increase.

The two outcomes are: losing profits or losing clients. However, you can use Salehoo to find the best shipping prices and prevent that.

Reducing shipping times

Shipping times are the bane of dropshipping clients more often than you might think, and that’s why Chinese stores are preferred.

Salehoo shows you suppliers from around the globe, so you can have your products closer to your clients and reduce those annoying waiting times


Salehoo is definitely the best way for you to make your dropshipping experience a lot smoother, and using it with a Shopify store makes for the most efficient option for people with or without experience.

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