Best Drop Shipping Resources To Start Your Business

Best Drop Shipping Resources

Dropshipping is one of the most popular business models available today. All you need to do is find suppliers with products you want to sell; your job is to be the link between them and the customers!

You needn’t worry about keeping an inventory or handling annoying shipment paperwork. You can even do it on eBay or your own website!

The internet is filled with all the information you need to start your dropshipping business. All you need to do is know where to look; there are excellent resources, but there are also lousy ones and courses that just want to grab your money.

Luckily, I’ve spent a good while in the business, so I’ve gathered all the knowledge I’ve received and trimmed it down to the best I found.

So, here it is: the list of the best resources and content for those looking to start their dropshipping venture.

Full courses

The first step is to evaluate the best courses you can find available. These courses are complete, meaning they offer all you need to know. You can find the content as videos, guides, and webinars. However, they also include forums and additional information.

There is only one course which I can say excels over the rest:

eCom Elites

This is a complete training for aspiring dropshippers. The course comes with videos in HD, coupled with articles and guides on how to start your course. Additionally, they offer additional content on their YouTube Channel.

The content focuses on setting up a locally-based website for your dropshipping store while you ship your products from overseas; namely, you can learn how to sell on China with AliExpress, so it’s a great way to learn how to birth your first online store.

You can access this course for $197, and it’s a one-time payment. As soon as you get it, you earn access to over 200 videos with tons of content for following up on the classes. The creator, Franklin, has your hand through all the videos, and there’s even a private Facebook group for you to interact with other students.

Read my full eCom Elites Review or you can try eCom Elites Here

Free training

Paid courses can be expensive for some. Others may have heard about the countless money-grabs available online. There are many valid reasons for you not wanting to shell out your money.

Well, there’s a great course you can take without spending anything:

Shopify Drop Ship Course

What’s a better course for learning how to use a platform than one made by the platform developers themselves?

With the popularity of e-commerce growing, Shopify ran into some serious competition from other platforms like BigCommerce. As a solution, they decided to add more value for their potential customers. This is the way they found.

They created a huge guide on dropshipping: it takes you from the beginning, starting your course. The information offered is great, and it definitely makes up for a course if you can’t afford one yet. You can get started and earn the money for a paid course!

The creators of this online course are regular Shopify users. The authors earn their living from the platform and keep in touch with suppliers, so you can rest assured that the information is accurate and relevant to this date.

Being a free course, it obviously has a couple of disadvantages; they include many affiliate links, trying to get you to buy their products. However, it’s still a great course for you to start your venture.


The free and premium themes aren’t bad, but they can lack character. There are many themes online for you to optimise your store and get more conversions.

There’s one theme I can recommend with my eyes closed:

eCom Turbo

This is my favourite solution for all my online stores. The reason is that you can get an unlimited license for only $147! If you can’t afford it—or you’re just starting out—then you can get it for a single store, priced at $97.

Franklin Hatchett created this theme from scratch, and it integrates perfectly with many features and functions for boosting your conversion. The installer is simple and intuitive, and you won’t have to worry about getting countless third-party apps.

eCom Turbo is also responsive on mobile devices. Even better, all the features (title, price, photo, and purchase button) from your products show up above the fold. Not having to scroll is a straightforward and very effective way to boost your conversions noticeably.

Not only is it a great deal, but you can scale your dropshipping adventure with the profits from using eCom Turbo! You only have to pay once for both plans, so you can buy the single-store one and use it to save up for the unlimited license and expand your business!

Read my full eCom Turbo Review or you can try eCom Turbo Here

Finding products and niches

Dropshipping, China, and Aliexpress are a perfect combination if you’re looking for massive sales. The best way to succeed is to use AI tools for researching a niche.

There are two I use the most:

Sell The Trend

This is one of the best options you have for finding what we know as “winning products”. It’s a single solution for finding trending products on Amazon, Shopify, and Aliexpress. You can find anything from the best new products to best-sellers not many know.

You can study every store on Shopify and see their estimated traffic, order volume, and their most popular products. You also get access to their social media presence and access the products on Aliexpress and add stores to your favourites.

You get access to “Nexus”, a feature that presents you the best products you can offer online. It completes the report with trend reports and the number of stores selling the items.

If that’s not enough, you can also spy their Facebook Ads, the software they use on videos, and a calculator for rating engagement.

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Intellygence lets you keep track of over half a million stores with four times as many products. You can filter the results and find products that are selling with estimated volumes in daily sales.

You even get to click the products on the results, and it will take you to Aliexpress so that you can add them to your store.

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Paid directories for suppliers

No suppliers mean you don’t have an inventory, and no inventory means no sales. Finding a good supplier can be tough, and many are already taken by hundreds of dropshippers.

However, there’s one platform that’s never a letdown:


This directory offers more than 10,000 different wholesalers and dropshipping-focused suppliers, and they all add up to almost two million products!

It’s been functioning for a decade, so they’ve updated their tools and lists, so you’re receiving all the latest information. You can see compare the prices on retail stores, eBay, and wholesale for the products you want.

You also get a feature named Market ResearchLabs. It’s yet another complement for finding the best products, and you can ask for help on the forums.

It’s $67 yearly with a money back guarantee for two months! If you’re not sure with that, you can even get a week’s trial for $1.

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