Beginners Guide To Solo Ads: Solo Ads For Dummies

beginners guide for solo ads

Influencers and overall social media presence have take over the spot as the most popular ways for promoting your online business, email marketing is still a great approach, as it brings a different level of engagement with your customers.

Depending on your strategy and experience, you could make almost $40 for every dollar you invest in it, and that translates into one of the most prominent ROI available today with any marketing method.

You can approach the strategy by building your email list on your own site. However, solo ads is also a great way to increase your traffic and build your list. That is as long as you can steer clear of those dishonest providers who just fill lists with bots and fake emails.

Today, you’ll learn the basics of how to find the best list and provider for you.

What are they?

A solo ad is something you’ve probably read already, and it’s a really common term around email marketing. However, not everyone who reads them in an article knows what they are, and not everyone mentioning them cares to explain them.

Solo ads are also called “quick” ads. They’re emails that you send to lists that don’t belong to you; they’re compiled by someone else, and you pay to use them. That provider can be a person with their own email list or an entire business dedicated to building these lists.

It’s important to not that not all solo ads providers have the same working method. Some might ask you for the email you want to send, and others can just ask for the details of your offer, your business, and your target audience and take care of writing the email themselves.

Basically, there are different ways you can pay for these ads, but the most common one is paying for the amount of clicks. This tends to be much more costly than other approaches, but you’re at least ensured people will click for your links.

They offer more precision when compared to other marketing approaches since you can target specific niches and pay for clicks instead of the ad itself.

Let’s say you’re buying solo ads for $0.40 each click. If you spend $40, that means the campaign won’t stop until you’ve gotten 100 clicks. There are services like 10DollarSoloAds that charge for the ad itself, but you’re not guaranteed people will actually click on your links.

Udimi Solo Ads

(This is how Udimi looks like once you buy from one the sellers like I did here.)

Are they worth buying?

This marketing approach can be quite expensive depending on your provider and the method they’re using; paying flat rates tends to be a lot more costly than receiving performance-based bills, for example.

Of course, your objective should always be to make more money than you invested, so let’s see if it’s actually worth it.

To be honest, they aren’t always worth it. They can boost your success exponentially, but you need to be really careful when choosing your solo ad supplier and list. That’s because not everyone has good leads, and even if they do, targeting incorrectly lowers your chances significantly and end up in wasted money.

The thing is that email is still very important in the life of your average Joe, specially if they’re a professional. Email marketing becomes even more important when you’re marketing to other businesses, and people in general are more likely to spend more if they agreed to buy from an email offer.

Finally, let’s go back to the pricing side of things: pay per click. If you launch an ad on Facebook, for example, you’re paying to show it to thousands, if not millions, of people. However, you have no guarantees that people will actually click on your email instead of just skipping it to look at memes.

If you go for a PPC solo ad, you’re getting guaranteed traffic. Whether or not you get the sale will depend on your copywriting, store design, and product. Because the traffic will surely go into your pages.

The only factor tha makes or breaks this strategy is finding good suppliers. That’s why I must recommend that you test your solo ads seller with a small budget before going for it. 150 clicks is a good base.

How do you find a good provider?

When you choose to go with any marketing strategy research properly before taking action. Try to gather a list of providers and use it to compare your different options. After that, ask key questions to yourself and in forums before going for one.

Try to get a look into how previous campaigns did, as this will go a long way in showing you their efficiency. You should even try and ask the provider for some emails they’ve already sent and the results of that campaign.

Finally, the internet is filled with reviews and comments on virtually anything, so don’t forget it.

Besides determining the quality of a supplier, you also want to ensure that the list provided is relevant for your product and according to the niche you’re focusing. Not even the most reputable provider can get you sales if you market fat burners to a bunch of small offices.

After you’ve gathered all of the information, use it to compare all providers on your list. If you’re using a specific platform for this task, it’ll be easier to find reviews. You want to find an equilibrium between reputation, success, niche relevancy, and affordability.

A platform I could recommend for this task is Udimi, which you can use to search specific niches and filter your results. You can filter them by price, main traffic source (from which country the traffic comes), niche, and when they can start and with how many leads.

Udimi Filter

Another great way is to pick your main options and run small campaigns with each one. Running the same campaign will give you a more objective view into their effectiveness.


Solo ads are a great chance to boost your traffic and sales, but only if you know what you’re looking for.

Not knowing how, whom, or with which seller you should market will result in a lot of money wasted, but then again, the same principles hold true for pretty much any type of marketing.

Make sure you check out my Udimi Review to see why I recommend it as one of the top solo ad providers out there.

If your brand new to affiliate marketing I highly suggest you get a proper course. Because in cases like these you will end up losing A LOT of money if you don’t do it properly. Now, there are a lot of gurus preaching their guru course will help you out but, I always recommend one the best affiliate marketing courses out there which is actually affordable and contains HEAPS of information.

It’s called Savage Affiliates and it’s  made by a guy named Franklin Hatchett. In fact take a look at Franklin Hatchett’s video where he goes over how to make money on Clickbank with solo ads.

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