Are dropshipping courses worth it? (2021)

Find out if dropshipping courses are worth it or not Below!

Are dropshipping courses worth it?

People who are new to this dropshipping business are more inclined to know A-Z of dropshipping to grow and scale their business. There are thousands of online courses available on the Internet to achieve your goal, but are they really worth it? Some will say buying dropshipping courses are unnecessary, as there are many articles available online. It can also become a waste of money as you can use it to invest in your business instead. While some will say how buying an online course has changed their life. Their knowledge has expanded on dropshipping, and so has their business. It has lower their cost money, increases sales, and overall grow their business.

It can get confusing sometimes which one to believe. But it actually depends on the online course you have signed up for. With the demand increasing in this business, many people are creating online dropshipping courses and marketing it through social media. It is because the process has become easy now. The best advice, to know which one is the best is by thorough research. All dropshippers will say that their course is the best.

 And also, don’t get misdirected by the number of views, shares on their courses. You need to research first. Read the opinions of other people who have bought the particular course and do they provide any knowledge you don’t know about. Numerous online courses are expensive, but yet it lacks to give you in-depth knowledge. Then also, to determine which works best for you, you should know what factors make dropshipping online course best. Will it teach you all the steps to receive success from your dropshipping business?

What makes an excellent dropshipping course?

At first, you need to check what kind, of course, are you looking for? Do you need a beginner’s guide? Or more advanced detailing knowledge for the dropshipping business.

Your course should provide you efficient processes and strategies that you can apply in other places as well. Overall, it should know about ecommerce marketing. It should explain in simple language with examples wherever possible, so the processes are not hard to decipher.

It should not drag around with meaningless talking to extend the duration of the course. The theories or the strategies suggesting should have already proved with excellent results. The point behind a course is that it should tell you about the unnecessary investing that you don’t need in the beginning or simply isn’t important. It needs to be cost-effective. Each topic should have detail information to provide a clear image.

 Also, look for how long you will have access to the course materials. And is it worth it with the amount of money you are paying? You should have access to ask someone about your questions or queries about anything you didn’t understand during the course. As mentioned earlier, your chosen course should be recommended by a lot of people. Don’t rush into making this decision; carefully look through if the course provides you with each of these features.

However, all these are necessities, so don’t settle for anything less, and the pricing should be average. With the increase in demand in dropshipping, a lot of people are making these courses, but not everyone has the required knowledge but charge a lot of money. Like any other business, you can also get scammed here if you aren’t careful enough.

A good dropshipping course has a lot of perks. It will tell you about all the ways to reach your goal with fewer barriers. Though it is not possible to guarantee you won’t struggle during the process, it can only claim that it will make your journey less hectic. You would learn to apply the process wherever you need it. Don’t get fooled when dropshippers post with expensive cars and clothes to make you believe why their course is the best available. You can easily hire these things. Besides, it is a marketing strategy to make more people buy their course.

There is a myriad of videos and articles on giving you tips for dropshipping. So a paid dropshipping course is only useful when they provide information that is not easy to find on your own.  With misleading information, people often think that the dropshipping business model is a scam. But it is not generally the case. This business model is as old as the beginning of Amazon. This global success ecommerce site also uses dropshipping to increase their sales.

Benefits of joining a course

If you can find a good dropshipping course, you will be able to accumulate a lot of knowledge from there. Starting from building the business to promoting it, they will cover every detail to scale your business. You will acquire new skills and start to look into this business from a more positive perspective. Some benefits from joining a good course are as follows

Learn new skills- You will develop skills and ways which you can incorporate into your business to bring profits. You will also learn to use related platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or others, depending on the course you have chosen. It would lessen your mistakes that you would have done if you didn’t acquire these skills.

There are a lot of smart tactics and strategies that will bring fruitful results. These skills are not only limited to dropshipping business; rather, you can apply them to other online businesses as well. Some of the skills are effective marketing, research for high-potential products, and identifying the target audience.

Gain confidence

It will teach you to take risky decisions and work beyond your comfort zone. In the end, you will be able to handle pressurized and challenging situations with ease. As you know, the strategies are already proven to work you won’t doubt to use it during necessary times. Also, now you know about all the ins-and-outs of the dropshipping business that you wouldn’t have if you didn’t purchase the course. You will understand things to avoid or stay clear of when you face any problem.

Communication and negotiation

A good course will teach you how to communicate with dropship suppliers and obtain the best price for a product by negotiating. Having a stronghold on these two skills is essential for a successful career in dropshipping. It will help you to build a good relationship with suppliers.


As you have invested money for the course, you will show more dedication and commitment to apply all the tips and tricks you learned into the business effectively. You will dive deeper into each topic to get the most out of the paid course.


After you completed the course, you will know which steps and measures to take at what point in the business.  You will be able to focus on the crucial part of the business.

What is the best dropshipping course?

Without the right training, your business will suffer and can even undergo severe loss. One dropshipping course that stands out the most than other courses is eCom Elites. The course creator, Franklin Hatchett, offers two versions of courses to select. The standard one is at $197, while the ultimate version is at $297 with additional guides on topics like sales funnel academy, Google shop ads academy, and many more. He is the mastermind in the dropshipping business and has been in this field for years, gaining a lot of experience. He has joined YouTube in 2015, where he speaks about his journey. You will also receive useful knowledge about dropshipping there as well.

 He has earned over seven figures from dropshipping and affiliate marketing so you can be sure his strategies and lessons are useful and practical. They provide access to over 30 hours of content, and though the courses mainly focus on dropshipping, you can effectively apply the lessons and strategies in other businesses as well. The training videos are step by step that you can easily follow. You will turn into an ecommerce veteran with this course.

 It gives you a detailed lesson on many marketing methods like Google Ads, Instagram ads, and email marketing, SEO. Few topics that both the version has are Full Product Research Training, Weekly Videos Including Q&A Sessions, Over The Shoulder Store Setup Training, and a lot more. Basically, these packages have everything you need to kick start your online business.

He also updates new strategies and tactics to help his students stay updated with any changes in the dropshipping industry. The platforms keep changing, and so new processes are required to use now. Although the success of the business depends on making the right choices like knowing what products to sell and which niche to opt for, that gives more profit. It also offers a 30 day refund period, where they will refund your money if the course didn’t work out for you. But you have to contact them within 30 days of purchasing.

 It will teach you all the skills, tools, and confidence you need to build your online business. Also, like any other course, it doesn’t give you a pre-packaged video for you to learn and understand on your own. You will join a private group where you will get help and receive advice. You will also have guidance from other experienced members. Many people recommend this course. And they have shown proof of how their business has skyrocketed with the help of the course. It gives one of the best mentoring.


With proper researching and reading tons of reviews, you can find a good dropshipping course. Otherwise, it can cost a lot of money without learning anything useful and productive. It can leave you restless and frustrated. Opt for a beginner level tutorial you are going to build a business or for an advanced level course when you want to double up your sales and already acquired a lot of knowledge in this business. Figure out that the lessons you will have from your chosen paid course, do they already exist on the Internet free of cost or not. Obviously, there will be good as well as bad courses. It all depends on your choice and research. Hope the article has helped you decide whether you want a dropshipping course or not. To conclude, a good dropshipping course is worth it only if the lessons satisfy the money you have paid. Our recommended choice is eCom Elites.

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