10 Smart Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Beginners (2021)

Find out the 10 Smart Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Beginners Below!

10 Smart Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Beginners

Internet has enabled us to learn any information quickly and easily. People are now looking for information online while shopping. Affiliate marketing uses this very tactic to lure such individuals and earn commission from every purchase. If in the past, it took a big chunk of time for the affiliate marketers to market their products or services, nowadays it seems to be very easy.

The best way when advertising is to ensure your blog offers valuable information to your readers. This attracts the attention of the customer as well as the search engine. Great effort requires great strategy. That is why the smart and educated people are finding it rather easy to make money. But the problem is, not everyone can do this.

The following are some of the smart affiliate marketing strategies that will help you in earning a great deal of money in the shortest time frame.

1. Research Well

You should know that there are hundreds upon hundreds of affiliate marketing companies available. You need to be very careful when selecting the company and the products to sell. The affiliates should be those that are offering good and genuine products that are of good quality to generate the trust of the customers. Also, your product should be one that is affordable for the clients and would be able to attract a lot of people.

Keep in mind that people make their decisions based upon what your website is promoting. You should be keen to do the right research and tell them the right information that will help them learn to select the best products for them. Always remember:

People buy things from those who they have good relations.

In today’s world of internet – the customer is in charge and they are the one who knows best. Money is the only centre of attention and hence you should know it better.

2. Making Money from CPA Programs

When you are looking to promote a product, there is a line that you need to follow. This line is responsible for guiding you to making the most out of your product promotions. You need to make sure that the product you are promoting is actually something that people would buy based on what it is about and the features it has to offer. You also need to make sure that you promote your products towards the right audience. Overall it’s easy to understand that you make money with affiliate marketing when any your of your referred individual makes a purchase – or – takes an action. As you can see, it’s not rocket science. To actually earn money with CPA Marketing – you need to make people take actions. The more actions they take – the better will your earnings be.

When you are looking to promote a product, there is a line that you need to follow. This line is responsible for guiding you to making the most out of your product promotions. You need to make sure that the product you are promoting is actually something that people would buy based on what it is about and the features it has to offer. You also need to make sure that you promote your products towards the right audience. Overall it’s easy to understand that you make money with affiliate marketing when any your of your referred individual makes a purchase – or – takes an action. As you can see, it’s not rocket science. To actually earn money with CPA Marketing – you need to make people take actions. The more actions they take – the better will your earnings be.

5 Critical Rules Of Making Money from CPA Programs

It should be noted that you have a certain way to follow when promoting CPA offers. If you don’t follow these rules – then you will have a hard time getting business. Make sure you follow these 5 basic rules of the CPA Marketing and you will increase your chances of earning passive income through your affiliate efforts. After all, you have a “chance” of making money. Once you “earn” that money – you will have a chance to make more money as time goes by.

Rule 1 – Promote A relevant product

When you are promoting a product you need to make sure that it’s something that people would be interested in. It has to be even more relevant if you are promoting a tool that’s related to what you do on your blogs. For instance, if you run a tech blog and you are promoting some sort of CPA product like a mobile phone tool that helps you find the best deal on a mobile phone – then it makes a lot of sense. On the other hand, if you promote a product that’s just a-spam-your-sub-scriber offer like a “Free Gmail account” stuff – then you are doing it wrong. You can read more about it in this detailed review. 2. Content is King: By content, I mean relevant content. What do I mean? Good question. What is relevant to you might not be relevant to your audience. Posting articles and what not are not enough. You can read more about it in this detailed review.

Rule 2 – Cloaked Links

In CPA marketing, cloaking is the thing. It’s a science in and of itself. Sounds familiar? That’s because it is. Don’t fool yourself thinking that your shady stuff will work. It will ruin your chances of making a solid passive income stream from CPA Marketing.

You need to cloak your links otherwise you will not be able to make money.

There are several ways to cloak your links. If you want to conceal the actual destination of your linked offer – then you need to make sure you use multiple virtual domains. If you don’t want to look shady – you can make sure you buy some cloaking domain names that have nothing to do with your linked offer.

How to cloak my links? You can cloak your links by buying a dedicated domain name (.com) and set your search engine friendly url – to the .com domain name. You can also use a cloaking / redirect script. I recommend you to do some research on your own on how to cloak your links in case your provider disappears.

Rule 3 – Do Not BS Your Subscribers

This might sound like “common sense” to you – but it’s the most important thing you need to learn about CPA marketing. You might think that you can get away with some shady tactics – but I assure you that more than 70% of your affiliate efforts will not be profitable. Bottom line, if you are BSing your subscribers or visitors – then you will get caught.

If you are not marketing your CPA offers in an ethical manner – then you will always end up with a loss and not profit.

Take away a message from this blog post on how to promote CPA offers and make money online – do it the 100% legit way. I assure you that this is what you should be doing if you ever want to make anything in this industry.

Rule 4 – Reputation of the Product, Service or Merchant Matters

If you are looking to make money with CPA programs you need to spend some time on doing proper research on each product or service that you are considering promoting. Make sure you include offline methods in your on the go research as well. The more time you spend on research – the better chances you have to make more money.

Once you spend enough time or research on a particular CPA offer you should decide whether that it’s something you want to pursue or not.

You need to make sure that the offer is something that you consider to be of good quality. Getting in contact with a merchant is a great way to do a final check on the quality of the offer you are promoting. Bottom line, you should not promote a product or service that you don’t consider to be in the “highest quality” category.

The worse the reputation of a product is – the less people are going to buy it.

I say “no” to products that are for the most part sub-standard and offer little value or utility.

Rule 5 – Buy, Use, Experience and Promote Good Products

There is no way around it. If you want to enjoy all the perks of CPA and affiliate marketing you need to experience the products you are promoting. Sure you can have a virtual experience, but it’s not going to do much if you are going to promote sub-par products. Bottom line, you need to get your hands dirty. I am saying this because I want you to have a real experience with the stuff you are promoting.

To actually profit from affiliate marketing, you need to buy the products you are promoting. There are hundreds of free methods you can use on the Web to promote your stuff – but the revenue is not that good. You can use your own blogs, social profiles, forums, websites, or even spare time to get some leads – but it’s not going to make you money.

This might suggest that you are going to invest some money or a lot of time at the beginning of your career as an affiliate marketer, but I assure you that you will see the returns in due time.

3. Sales Funnel

If you have a CPA offer that has a price attached to it – then you need to put your subscribers through a sales funnel. Sales funnels are sales in progress that have several phases. You can choose to put a time bound offer or a limited quantity offer that you need your subscribers to purchase through a sales funnel in order to get the item.

Sales funnels give your subscribers the feel of getting something good for free. For instance, if someone wants to purchase a guide for only $7.00 and they don’t want to do it – you can persuade them to buy it by putting them through a 3 step process. First, they will need to enter their details to get the offer in the next 24hrs. Then they will get the offer and you should make sure you inform them that this is a limited offer so they should enter their credit card details to get it.

Once they do that – you will get their credit card information and hence you will have a sale. Also keep in mind that sales funnels are not one-time deals. You can always fall back to your funnels again and again and make more sales.

Affiliate marketing is like a marriage. The more you work at it – the better it gets for you in future. Nowadays people have got used to making their purchases online when they want to buy something. The affiliate marketers have become smarter and found new ways to make money. Make sure you follow these 3 simple strategies and you will always make money with your CPA business.

4. Content Marketing

I’m sure you know that content is the king on the internet. This is true for both search engines and the human visitors. Without having good content on your website, you won’t generate much traffic from search engines. Though nowadays, social media has played a huge role in generating targeted traffic.

The content you post on your website should be something relevant and of educational value. It should be something that your visitors find useful and interesting. It should give them some sort of information that they can find relevant to life.

You can find countless ways of generating content.

You can write blog posts that are relevant to the overall theme of your blog. You can also create infographics and post them on your blog. Do you like videos? Then you can create videos that people would be interested in. Also, it should be one that has a good amount of time length. Keep in mind that short videos might not get as much attention as compared to those which are longer.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing for long has been a very powerful Tactic. We are just now starting to see it lose some of its steam, but for over 20 years it has been one of the best ways to market your business to a targeted audience. In fact email marketing is considered by many experts in the fields of marketing & advertising to be the best form of marketing connecting you with your audience and giving you the ability to deliver your message in a format that will be remembered so it can be acted on.

Here are 3 ways to succeed with email marketing:

  1. Be Consistent. Email Marketing is the gift that keeps on giving. By creating a successful email marketing program and delivering emails in a consistent way, you will begin to develop a brand loyal audience that will be waiting to hear from you each and every time you send out an email. Remember, a well-executed campaign is the key to organic growth of your business.
  2. Make it Interesting. The average person receives roughly 100 emails a day and your email needs to stand out of ordinary, it must be interesting and have a purpose. By doing this you will make sure that you send an email that goes into your customers Inbox every time. Unsubscription rates will be considerably lower if your emails will interest every subscriber. Uninteresting emails are a painful experience that your customers don’t want to repeat.
  3. Be Strategic. When you do this, your email program becomes strategic, not reactive. This will make sure that you are thinking about your entire business rather than just taking in the day by day activities. You will have the opportunity to plan your future and focus on your long-term goals. As I’ve said before “Thinking big always means thinking smart”.

When it comes to Email Marketing your first goal is to make sure you can convert your Email marketing subscribers into customers, so it’s very important that you are not just sitting on a list, you should have a plan to send to your subscribers, especially those that have abandoned your email lists, so take action now.

6. Use of Banners

Banners are simply a great way of drawing people to your blog, and this can be used to generate traffic in making commissions. On an average, banners account for 60% of the purchase incidents. It is believed that number will grow by 50% by 2021. Thus, if you are not using banners in your blog, then you are really missing a lot.

This is very effective, and you can incorporate a banner into your service or product promotion. It is advisable to find banners related to your niche. It is one of the clever affiliate marketing strategies that is easy to execute.

7. High Ticket Products

Many people take the short cuts when they are starting out. But if you want to earn big time on your investment, you should go for high ticket products or services. The results are awesome as you can make more money in a short span of time. Therefore, if you have targeted an affiliate product in which people are willing to invest highly, then this is the best strategy to use.

8. Landing Page Promotion

This is one way where you can help people who are looking for information regarding a product or service. If you are not using landing page, then you are missing on a good way of making sales and commissions.

9. Social Proof

This is a way of making others think that your affiliate products are great. A social proof is a great way to lead people to believe in your product. This also helps in lowering your advertising cost. It is like you are asking your customers to tell others about your product which is a great way of propagation. It’s critical to understand that the best way to create a positive social proof is through the real testimonials from real customers. So invest in the social proof that comes from real customers.

10. Scarcity Marketing Of Affiliate Products

The scarcity principle is used to make people think that they have very less time to make a purchase. This can be done by offering special plans and schemes to the customers. This strategy is like any limited offer that grabs the attention of the customer and makes him buy the product. Whether you are doing it through your email marketing or social media marketing, it is a great way to make money.


Affiliate Marketing and blogging are two good ways of earning money online. You can submit articles to various blogs or websites. This will make your work easier and at the same time you can promote your affiliate program or products through these blogs and websites.

More than half of the people reading this article are probably bloggers. This means that you have already read some affiliate marketing tips like this one before. What I’ve tried to do, though, is bring those tips together in one place for you. I have also included affiliate marketing tips from the most experienced bloggers, too. The goal is to give you a great overview of the subject of affiliate marketing, and for that purpose I hope that I succeeded.

I’m not going to close this affiliate marketing blog with a “call to action.” That’s the marketing term for a button on your blog that says, “Click here to buy now!” As a personal development blogger, I’m not interested in selling a single thing to anyone. What I am interested in is helping people to do more with their lives. That’s my “call to action.” In other words, I hope that this article will help you do just that—help you to do more with your life. If it does, I will have accomplished my primary goal, and I will have no complaints.

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